In the beginning(of my blogging) …

Welcome to my blog!

Why start a blog? There are literally millions of them. Most go unread. So why even do it? Because I need to get my thoughts out of me. I need a release of all the things that I have running through my head 24/7. More often than not, my mind is like a Houston, Texas freeway during rush hour and if I don’t release what’s going on inside it turns into a 50 car pile up, affecting my personal and work life.

So what is it that’s on my mind that brings such fervent control over my subconscious and conscious thought? The broad answer is theology, God and everything that encompasses. What is God like. Why do bad things happen? Is God in control? What happens when we die and is that even important? What if we are all wrong. Why does any of this matter? All these questions just bring more questions which bring more questions and so on and do forth.

I am a Christian ergo I am an aspiring follower of Jesus Christ. The problem is this means different things to every person you ask. There are at least 35,000 different Protestant denominations alone and rest assured they all have the “correct” doctrine and theology, well according to who you ask in whatever particular denomination you ask. These numbers don’t even include the Roman Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox who both claim to be the OG’s of the faith. Anyways, this leads to the question “who is right?” My answer is I don’t know and frankly I think that’s a bad question. Maybe they are all right AND all wrong.

In this blog I don’t plan on giving any definitive answers to the hard questions. Instead I will invite you into my journey as I discuss what it all means to me at this point in my journey. I will share with you where I’m currently at on questions of theodicy, sin, the afterlife, the current life, identity, faith, the Bible, and whatever else is on my mind. To me the question of “what is God like?” is at the very core of all the big questions we have. I’m open to change and you might see me grow and morph my views as we journey together. Some of the things may seem perfectly within Christian orthodoxy to you, while other things may challenge you, stretch you, or you may just flat out disagree with me and think I’m a heretic. Guess what? That’s OK. All I ask is that you think for yourself, don’t take my word on anything but extend grace in all things being discussed, no matter your views.

Welcome to the conversation. Let’s have some fun!

Grace and peace!

12 thoughts on “In the beginning(of my blogging) …

    1. Nathan …. this is awesome and I am the second person to like your blog…. top 3 …. love that number….
      I just honestly feel this is the beginning of a great thing.
      I love your writing I’ll be following you brother.

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  1. Good for you Nathan! Your motivation to do this is the same as mine was when I started a bible class. I was so full of good news and needed some way to vent so I wouldn’t burst. Blessings on you and your future blogs!

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  2. Glad I will to get to read more of your stuff Nathan. I look forward to being in the middle of some of your pile ups! 😂 I’m ordering “Reading the Bible Again for the First Time” because of your comments about it.
    Rock On! 😎

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