A real Christian nation has no borders

Christianity can not have physical borders. The faith I have is way more inclusive and bigger than that. To me, if the bible teaches anything, it’s that following the way of Jesus (and a God that is like him) is formless (no boundaries or borders) and when one tries to place such boundaries on God, we end up with an exclusive political system creating an us and them rivalry from the inside which is bound to implode on itself and others.

A real Christian nation has no borders or land or flags but instead is a collection of people from all the nations of the earth that proclaim Jesus to be the son of God and follow in his ways in order to work with God in the transformation of the world.

A big part of being Christian is to not be of the world while being in the world which to me means it’s political systems and borders don’t define us. This is why the cry that America is a “Christian nation” won’t work. Because, Is it really? What about the muslims, the Jews, the hindus, the Buddhist, the atheist etc? Are they just “put up with” in a Christian nation? When it comes down to it those with this mindset have the view that this is a Christian nation and non Christians are allowed to dwell here only because they are tolerated but really not fully accepted. In the end this causes oppression, marginalization and exclusion. It produces fear in those that proclaim that “love cast out all fear”.

Personally I believe the way of Jesus (being a Christian) to be the most satisfying way of living and want everyone to know how awesome Jesus is and to know him personally. I also realize we live in a pluralistic world with a wide range of religious belief and thought. Love from what I can tell is not coercive. To be like Jesus is to love like Jesus and I do my best to love like him and spread the good news of the gospel, that God is like Jesus and Jesus is Lord and what the implications of this are. This can’t be done when a line is drawn in the sand and a nation state dictates (coerces/forces) a national religion for itself.

So, Maybe instead of declaring America as a Christian nation and unpurposely putting limits on what being a Christian realy means, we could call ourselves a free nation that allows for diversity of thought and Christians in this free nation have the opportunity to open up the table to others and show the love of Jesus and not be so caught up being of the world but express the love of Christ IN it.

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