(An alternative to creation out of nothing) What if God didn't create out of nothing (Ex Nihilo) but instead created out of pre-existing matter in a chaotic (uncooperative to the love of God) state? Would that affect your view of the Divine? Or does it even matter to you? I think it's fun to ponder. [...]

Why I still read the Bible

It seems many people, in my circles at least, are often conflicted by and even turned off from the Bible and it's many narratives because it sometimes depicts God, to our modern sensibilities, as a self absorbed genocidal tribal diety that is more concerned with his (because God is mostly depicted as a guy) "glory" [...]

GOD CAN’T: A book Review

*This is a book review for Dr Thomas Jay Oord's newest book titled: God Can't: How to believe in God and love after tragedy, abuse, and other evils Where was God during the mass killing and why didn't God intervene? Why did this person get healed from cancer but the other person didn't? Did they [...]